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Believe it or not, window treatments can be the trickiest part of an interior. Just yesterday, I was speaking to someone who had become so overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to figure out what to put on his windows, that he threw his hands up, rushed out to his local hardware store, purchased standard blinds, put them up and walked away. He expressed how much he hated the blinds, but didn’t know what else to do.

How many of us are guilty of this? I know I am!

I’m not saying blinds are bad, but we’ve all had that moment of utter frustration where we opted for a quick fix so that we could get it out of our hair.

Well, I’m here to help! Here are some easy tips to help simplify the process of selecting window treatments.


1. Less is more!

Long gone are the days of heavy, over-complicated window treatments. Strip them down and replace with something light and minimal.

2. Let the light in!

Natural light is one of the best ways to brighten up your space. Aside from the health benefits, natural light will also reduce your energy usage. If privacy is not an issue, opt for beautiful sheer drapes.

3. Have fun with layers!

Layers are a great way to add texture and elegance. Two or three simple layers like these drapes paired with shades are a great example of layering done right,Β  but remember tip #1.

4. What about privacy?

If privacy is an issue, no problem. There are many privacy window treatment options available that don’t compromise on style like these beautiful Roman shades.

5. Are they a good fit?

Before you purchase a window treatment, ask yourself would they fit in with the rest of the elements in the space. There are four main elements in a room: floors, walls, ceiling and furniture. Make sure the window treatments won’t compete with, but rather complement the existing elements.

6. Remember to hang them properly

Hang window treatments as close to the ceiling as possible while leaving just one inch for access. Make sure your drapes are twice to two and a half size the window. Hang your drapes wide, at least three to six inches on each side.

7. Puddle or kiss?

The length of your drapery is equally as important as the drapery itself. The last thing you want is to order beautiful drapes only to have them come up short, literally. The length of the drapes are your choice, but it is best to have them kiss the floor or create a puddle effect with the excess length (usually three to four inches). The kiss is creates more of a modern look while a puddle is more formal.

Remember, window treatments are one of the most important parts of your space. Hopefully, these tips will help you get it right for your space.

Photos courtesy of: JC Penney, The Shade Store, Target and Houzz