Life Moments

Lesson Learned: Be Present!!

Hey Y’all! Yesterday was Hump Day, and I was going about my day. No big deal. As I was leaving a meeting, on a business call, and en route to another meeting, I stopped short of a red light. I was not totally “present” in the moment, but thought something looked a little off. Just so happens, I had my phone in my hand to end the call when I noticed a big white SUV headed straight towards me!! In a panic, I snapped a quick photo to show proof in case I was about to be involved in a serious accident. Thankfully, the truck breezed by me, and that’s when I noticed what happened. Do you see it? The driver in front of me was CLEARLY not “present” when he/she stopped at the light ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. The truck had made a (legal) left turn from the intersecting street, and had no choice but to come on the wrong side of the road. Thank goodness I had stopped short! I sat there and witnessed THREE more near accidents based on this one person. Talk about a chain effect! I don’t think the driver ever realized why people were blowing and irate because he/she never moved until the light turned green. I wanted to share this with you all as a lesson to SLOW DOWN and be present in the present. It was also a wake up call for me. I immediately thanked God for having my back, and didn’t make another call until I parked. We all have a lot going on, but we gotta figure out how to not be THAT person on the wrong side of the road.